Annapolis, Maryland

Main Street, Annapolis Maryland

Downtown Annapolis, MD

Only a short distance from Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Annapolis is a historic town and well-known as the Sailing Capital of America. Surrounded by water, Annapolis tastefully combines the old with the new, making it a fascinating place for weekend visit especially when the weather turns from cald to warm. Strolling through the narrow side streets of Annapolis takes you back to the 18th-century, it’s well-preserved cobblestone streets and brick colonial architecture protects its historic charm.

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One could easily spend a day shopping, dining, and enjoying the scenic views by the water. Spring through Fall, the streets bustle most weekends with packed restaurants, local festivals, and art exhibits. It’s easy to understand why Annapolis ranks as one of the most popular destinations and main streets in the U.S. Map of Annapolis with driving directions and estimated travel time from nearby cities.

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